“I don’t want you to come with an idea, I want you to find
an idea.”

Walt Bartman

Come home to your inner artist in a supportive environment as you learn to hone and trust your natural creativity. For over 40 years, our nationally-recognized programs have been a haven for those seeking a place to express themselves. Our studios foster a community of artists that will help you find consistency and joy while sharpening your artistic intuition and skills. Founded by acclaimed artist Walter Bartman, our four studios offer programs in watercolor, oil, acrylic, drawing, and printmaking. Walt and his faculty create a nurturing space for new and experienced students alike to learn and thrive. Our student Susan’s words sum it up perfectly, “I never imagined I would learn and develop as much as I have. I am fortunate to have such a passionate teacher who brings out the best in every student.”

Three Studios, One Purpose

We are guided by the principle that all students possess innate talent, and that with the proper instruction and nurturing, that talent can express itself in many wonderful ways.

Yellow Barn Studio
Glen Echo, Maryland

Summerduck Studio
Tilghman, Maryland

Goldfinch Studio
Middletown, Maryland

What our students are saying …

Several years ago I took a leap of faith by enrolling in an oil painting class with Walt Bartman at the Yellow Barn Studio. The minute I walked into the class my senses recalled art studios of long ago, and I immediately felt at home. I never imagined I would learn and develop as much as I have. I am fortunate to have such a passionate teacher who brings out the best in every student. The Yellow Barn Studio offers a myriad of classes and teachers, and there is something to fit everyone’s schedule and interests all year long. It is a local treasure where everyone can enjoy the arts and achieve their personal best.

Susan S.

Walt Bartman’s workshops on Tilghman Island are inspirational.  The beautiful setting of the Island is a perfect painting location due to its color, light, and beauty. After each workshop, I realized how much my observational and painting skills had grown. Through Walt’s instruction, guidance, and critiques, I was inspired to look closer at the world around me, and capture what I saw in different ways. In addition, the dinners and critiques he planned built community and it was great to socialize and paint with other artists. Be inspired, take a chance, take a workshop!

Jenny K.

I have been taking classes at the Yellow Barn Studio for five years. I love the atmosphere and camaraderie engendered by the excellent teachers.   So many amazing teachers!  It is hard to overstate how talented they are and how enthusiastic they are about teaching. It is wonderful to be encouraged to strive toward reaching a high level of expertise as an artist while still having some fun. 

Sarah D.

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