Gita MirshahiGita Mirshahi earned her BFA in drawing & sculpture from Trinity college and her MFA from George Washington University. She works in a wide range of two and three dimensional media – from drawing to print making and painting, to creating sculpture, ceramics or jewelry. Gita has focused of late on spontaneous, free flowing, vibrant paintings, which, though based on the physical world are near calligraphic abstractions. Each painting reflects her own personal brand of ‘automatic’ rhythms & shapes. She has taught many disciplines and her hallmark is helping the student develop their own vision and techniques. My joy in making art is launching in to uncharted waters, looking for the unexpected approach to the world around us & with in . This means taking risks, investing yourself in the process of discovery, and watching your subject reveal it self. See yourself in different light as you learn to paint with no inhibitions, under Gita’s generous tutelage.

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