Katherine Nelson is an artist, educator, and juror based in the D.C./Baltimore region. She received a BS in Art Education from Skidmore College in 1985 and a Master of Arts in Drawing from SUNY Albany in 1990. Katherine, who was born in The Hague, has experienced many landscapes and cultures living in Europe, the Middle East and on both the East and West Coasts of the United States.

She has been featured in numerous solo, juried, and invitational exhibits in the USA and Europe including The US Embassy “HUB” in Brussels, Belgium, The Palais de Tokyo Museum, Paris, France, The National Cathedral in Washington, DC, The Albany Institute of History and Art, The Schenectady Museum, ABC’s “Extreme Home Makeover” as well TV ads, CD, journal, and magazine covers. Nelson’s velvety, linear, and textural charcoal drawings explore meaningful connections deep within the current Grain Revival and depict agricultural slopes, saddles, and swales as hallowed space through views of heritage farm architecture.

Katherine has also been teaching art at all levels for the past 25 years. Katherine currently offers online teaching and has taught regional workshops in the DMV since 2014.

Artist Statement:
I travel to fascinating locations exploring fields, historic farms, grain stories, and dramatic lands. My approach to field research is just as much about seeking out adventures and making discoveries, as it is about creating art that will have a meaningful impact on the viewer. I draw primarily in charcoal constructing an interplay of lines, textures, and contrasts while simultaneously shining a light on the new grain revival that is weaving a tapestry of connections between people and places.
My drawings are metaphors for the human prospect. ‘Harvests’ to me are exhibitions that depict the land as hallowed space through views of heritage farm architecture and landscape vistas. Implicit rural values relate to the natural environment, hard work, and community, and are relevant anywhere.
I love charcoal because it is fluid, forgiving, mysterious and strong. I draw by layering dark velvety values and build textures that are obtained through an additive and subtractive process using a variety of charcoals, pastels, blenders, brushes and erasers. Recently, I began a new explorative journey in color pencils alongside my charcoal works creating a series of small colorful drawings. Embracing my immediate surroundings and drawing from ephemeral moments I strive create a sense of place within the artful viewpoint found in the every day close to home.



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Katherine Nelson
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