Mariana KastrinakisMariana first explored watercolors while working as a physician in the DC area. Over time her work has evolved to incorporate acrylics, collage techniques, drawing, and printmaking. She is now a full-time artist and teacher.

Her work explores the interactions between light and natural elements that produce colors, textures and patterns. Mariana’s paintings express her perceptions of the physical environment in semi-abstract ways. Abstraction allows viewers to add their own experiences in interpreting her work. Her paintings, drawings, and prints feature unique design elements, such as stencils, hand-carved stamps, and hand-embellished and gelatin-printed papers.

Mariana’s classes provide a supportive environment in which students can unleash and exercise their innate creativity. She believes that expression through art media can promote healing and personal growth.

Mariana has studied with local and nationally renowned artists at the Yellow Barn, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, among others.

Mariana’s art has received multiple awards and she has exhibited extensively in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Her work is included in collections in Maryland, DC, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts and abroad. She joined the Stone Tower Studio and Gallery at Glen Echo in 2018 and currently teaches intermediate-to-advanced drawing and painting at the Yellow Barn at Glen Echo.

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