Sarah Spector grew up in Bethesda, MD, where, sometime in the late twentieth century, she was a lucky high school student of Walter Bartman.

For many moons, she lived in Paris, Nice, Corsica, and Israel. There, awash in silver and gold light and the saturated and subtle tones of Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, she made a lot of art, bilingually.

Now back on home soil after untold years in the San Francisco Bay Area, she is happily absorbing the phenomenal beauty of Washington, DC. An Abstractionist and Colorist, her background in landscape, portraiture, still life and virtuosic sketching are firmly established.

She heartily enjoys bringing students to deeper awareness and understanding of, delight and mastery in….and expression of – their skills in Drawing, Painting…and Seeing.

Current and Upcoming Classes

Onsite Drawing and Painting $150.00
Sarah Spector
Sunday, 4-6:30 pm

email: and on Instagram, @sarahrealart.