Walt Bartman

The founder and director of the Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery, Walt Bartman teaches landscape, still life and figure painting classes and workshops, here and abroad. His career spans four decades. He received a Master [...]

Vian Borchert

Vian Borchert is an established and renowned award-winning expressionist artist. V. Borchert has exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions within the USA and internationally for decades. Vian is a graduate and “Notable Alumni” from [...]

Holly Buehler

  Influenced by her Aunt Mary, Holly's passion for the arts increased throughout her early years.  Later having received a BFA from Eastern Michigan University, she dove into the high-tech design world of the television [...]

Ken Conley

  Bio Ken Conley was raised in northern Virginia. He earned a B.F.A. in painting with department and university honors from American University and an M.F.A. from Boston University with additional studies at the Instituto [...]

Tory Cowles

Experience as a woodworker, carpenter, stonewall builder, and representational painter have influenced Tory Cowles' abstract paintings. She's interested in the conversations that happen between juxtaposed colors, textures and shapes; of spontaneity versus structure; and of [...]

Denise Dittmar

Denise has been teaching art at classes and camps for four years at Glen Echo. Long involved with design and art education, she now focuses on children's art at the Crystal Pool Studio and a [...]

Jennifer Duncan

For more than 25 years Jennifer Duncan has worked as an artist, first as co-owner/operator of a specialty painted finishes business for 8 years, and then as a visual artist and teacher in Northern Virginia. [...]

Marjorie Forgues

Marjorie Forgues is a seasoned artist with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She honed her skills under the mentorship of renowned artist Robert Liberace for 12 years and further expanded her knowledge [...]

Rana Geralis

Maryland artist Rana Geralis finds her most constant inspiration in the beauty of the natural world, an inspiration born from a childhood spent among the woods and streams of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Lynchburg, [...]

Gavin Glakas

                Gavin Glakas grew up in Bethesda, MD, and started drawing about the time he started walking. He studied with Walt Bartman in high school and at Washington [...]

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